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    Abu Dhabi International Airport , U.A.E

    Steel structure engineering is mainly composed of the gallery and the central hall, the total amount of about 60,000 tons of steel structure. CSCEC wins terminal project of steel structure fabrication and installation, the central hall of quantities of about 45,000 tons. Roof adopts steel truss structure, the largest span of 180 meters, the main arch truss steel column for composite steel column.
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    SSR International Airport , Mauritius

    Apron 350,000 square meters.
    Terminal GFA: 56,000 square meters ICAO 4F.
    Engineer: Louis Berger.
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    Hong Kong New Airport

    550,000 square meters. Awarded the world's Top 10 architectures prize in the 20th century.

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    Wuhan Tianhe International Airport T3, China

    Building Area:495000 square meters.                                                            
    The total construction area of 495,000 square meters, the highest passenger throughput up to 35 million passengers is the largest two-runway airport in central China and the largest Aviation hub.
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    ZhengZhou International Airport T2, China

    The height of the main building is 38.7 meters, and the building area is about 470 thousand square meters. It is a four - story terminal building for both domestic and international passengers.
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