• China
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    Millicent, Australia (ZLD)

    A 5-body, 4-effect system concentrates pulp waste liquor to 64% solids; then spray dry to powder by-produce.

    This plant allows future expansion to 6-body, 5-effect system 150m³/h waste liquor 8-10% solid.

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    Canadian Pulp Liquor; 250 M3/H; MVC (ZLD)

    Plant expansion after 30 years services.
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    China Pulp Waste Water, 110 m3/H (ZLD); 5 bodies 4 Effects

    Steam Driven; Fully Automatic; One Effect isolated for wash

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    Leachate Treatment MVC System, ZLD

    Over 30 systems installed in China for Leachate Treatment. With capacities ranging from 50 to 500 M3/D MVC.
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    China Power Plant Desulfurization Waste Water (ZLD)

    500 M3/D.

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