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    No. C-5 &C-2 Sewage Treatment Plant in Shidongkou, Shanghai

    Biological treatment,1,400,000m³/d.

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    Waste Water Treatment Project, Jiangsu, China

    Capacity- 105000m³/d.

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    Pre-treatment Plant of Sewage Treatment (Phase II), Shanghai, China

    1,720,000 t/d.
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    ErLangMiao Sewage Water Treatment, Wuhan, China


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    Waste Water Treatment Project, Shan'xi Jiexiu Economic Zone, China

    I&S waste water 15000m³/d and sanitary waste water 5000m³/d.
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    Mexico Steel Mills Desulfurization Waste Water Project

    Total Capacity: 528m³/d
    Units: horizontal tube concentration system; forced circulation evaporation of the crystallization system; Centrifugal separation / packaging systems.
    Waste Water Quality: Ca2+ (140 ppm); Mg2+ (65ppm); Na+ (19000 ppm); Cl- (9000 ppm); SO42- (6000 ppm); SiO2 (110 ppm); TDS 5.5%.
    Treatment Effect: solid - liquid separation, boiler feed water.
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    Xinjiang East Hope Group Project (phase 1 & 2)

    Total Capacity: 1x1000t/d  Industrial concentrated brine treatment equipment.
    Units: forced circulation evaporation of the crystallization system.
    Waste Water Quality: TDS(mg/L) =43270; COD(mg/L) =3904.3; Total Hardness (mg/L) =27221.8.
    Treatment Effect: boiler feed water. 
    Floor Space: 300 square meters.
    Work Scope: Responsible for the equipment design, manufacture, Installation, commissioning, training and technical service.
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    Sinopec Chongqing Oilfield Test

    Shale Gas  Fracking Wastewater 4000t/d.
    Total Capacity: 0.5 m³/h.
    Units: This technique is equivalent to the last stage of the process provided by us before the process. But the test plant can play a combination of pre-concentration and crystallization. After wastewater into the system, first, to pre-concentrate, and then to crystallize when the system reaches the saturated crystallization point of salt concentration.
    Waste Water Quality: COD:1830-2550mg/L, TSS: 351-1890mg/L, TDS:35000-150000mg/L.
    Treatment Effect: Boiler feed water.
    Floor Space: 9m×2.7m×3m.
    Work Scope: the equipment design, manufacture, Installation, commissioning.
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    Malabo Wastewater Treatment Project, Equatorial Guinea

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