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    Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway Project, Kenya

    With the length of 472km, there are 33 stations along the line.
    The construction commenced on December 12th , 2014, will open to traffic on December 2017.
    Commenced in 2005 and completed in 2009.
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    Algeria East-West Highway Centre Lot Application Contract No. 1#, 2# and 3#

    Project Location: Algeria 
    Project description: East of Tunisia, west of Morocco, is the main artery of communication through the east and west of Algeria, a total length of 1216 km, divided into East, Central and Western 3 tenders with a total investment of 11.04 billion US dollars. 
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    North South Highway BOT Project

    Project Location: Jamaica.
    Project description: The first infrastructure concession project outside of China.65Km toll road BOT project with 50 years of concession period.Dual 4 lanes.
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    Al-Mashaar Al-Mugaddassah Metro Project-Southern Line

    Project Location: Makkah, Saudi Arabia  
    Project achievements:The project is east-west stretch from the Arafat Area to Jamarat Area of the Holy Makkah, while the construction work includes engineering, procurement and construction for: 17.7 km double track Mainline, including 3.14 km at-grade and 14.56 km viaduct.
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    Tajikistan - Uzbekistan Road Rehabilitation Project, (Dushanbe - Chanak Section)

    355 km in length.
    Commenced in 2006 and to be completed in 2012.
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    Addis Ababa Ring Road, Ethiopia

    33.4km in length.
    Commenced in 1998 and completed in 2004.
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    Kifangondo-Negage Road Improvement, Angola

    356.75km in length.
    Commenced in 2005 and completed in 2008.
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    Zemun Borca Bridge, Belgrade, Serbia

    Total length: 1500m.
    Link road: 21 km.
    Commercial contract signed in 2010.
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    Bridge Zemun-Borca

    Project Location: Serbia 
    Client: EPC Project Financed by Export Credit (Buyer's Credit) 
    Total Length:1482m.
    The first bridge project  that Chinese Company was awarded in Central and Eastern Europe.
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    The Third Bridge in Bamako

    Project Location: Bamako, Mali 
    Project achievements: The largest engineering aid project in West Africa undertaken by Chinese companies was successfully completed eight months in advance. We are responsible for bridge engineering, interchange project, traffic safety and facilities along the line. The bridge is 2,294.2 meters in length, of which the bridge length is 1,626.5 meters, divided into 69 cross.
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