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    Addis Ababa Ring Road, Ethiopia

    33.4km in length.
    Commenced in 1998 and completed in 2004.
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    Mexico Steel Mills Desulfurization Waste Water Project

    Total Capacity: 528m³/d
    Units: horizontal tube concentration system; forced circulation evaporation of the crystallization system; Centrifugal separation / packaging systems.
    Waste Water Quality: Ca2+ (140 ppm); Mg2+ (65ppm); Na+ (19000 ppm); Cl- (9000 ppm); SO42- (6000 ppm); SiO2 (110 ppm); TDS 5.5%.
    Treatment Effect: solid - liquid separation, boiler feed water.
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    Procurement of Spare parts and Services for the Overhauling Works of Unit-1 of 210MW ChittagongTherm

    Checking/repair/replacement/maintenance for the Turbine, Boiler, Generator and all other auxiliary systems.

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    Signing Date:
    Contract Date:
    2010-10-02 -- 2011-06-02
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    Kifangondo-Negage Road Improvement, Angola

    356.75km in length.
    Commenced in 2005 and completed in 2008.
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    Phase II Puttalm Coal Power Project

    Puttalam coal-fired power plant project undertaken by CMEC is located on the coastal Peninsula Kalpitiya in the northeast of Sri Lanka, 130 kilometers away from the capital Colombo, adjacent to the coastline (Fig0-1). The power plant project involves a capacity of 3×300MW, with its construction implemented in two phases. Phase I involved the construction of 1×300MW power plant and ancillary facilities, while Phase II involved the construction of 2×300MW power plant and ancillary facilities.The phase II power plant project involves 2×300MW power plant, The port facilities, 110KM 220KV the transmission line and Anuradhapura substation, 220KV/132KV the new chilaw substation. Now No.2 unit has been formally handed over to the Employer since May 4th, 2014 and went into commercial operation; No.3 unit has been formally handed over to the Employer since October 14th, 2014.

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    Signing Date:
    Contract Date:
    2010-05-01 -- 2014-10-20
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    Xinjiang East Hope Group Project (phase 1 & 2)

    Total Capacity: 1x1000t/d  Industrial concentrated brine treatment equipment.
    Units: forced circulation evaporation of the crystallization system.
    Waste Water Quality: TDS(mg/L) =43270; COD(mg/L) =3904.3; Total Hardness (mg/L) =27221.8.
    Treatment Effect: boiler feed water. 
    Floor Space: 300 square meters.
    Work Scope: Responsible for the equipment design, manufacture, Installation, commissioning, training and technical service.
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    Zemun Borca Bridge, Belgrade, Serbia

    Total length: 1500m.
    Link road: 21 km.
    Commercial contract signed in 2010.
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    Sinopec Chongqing Oilfield Test

    Shale Gas  Fracking Wastewater 4000t/d.
    Total Capacity: 0.5 m³/h.
    Units: This technique is equivalent to the last stage of the process provided by us before the process. But the test plant can play a combination of pre-concentration and crystallization. After wastewater into the system, first, to pre-concentrate, and then to crystallize when the system reaches the saturated crystallization point of salt concentration.
    Waste Water Quality: COD:1830-2550mg/L, TSS: 351-1890mg/L, TDS:35000-150000mg/L.
    Treatment Effect: Boiler feed water.
    Floor Space: 9m×2.7m×3m.
    Work Scope: the equipment design, manufacture, Installation, commissioning.
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    Puttalm 1×300MW Coal-Fired Power Plant Project

    Puttalam Coal-Fired Power Plant Project EPC contracted by CMEC in the northeast of Sri Lanka. Project including three Sections: 1×300MW power plant, 5000t coal jetty, and 117kM 220kV transmission lines and substations, the Project were handed over to the Employer 6 months ahead of schedule.Project adopts Preferential export buyer's credit & Export Buyers Credit from EXIM bank of China.

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    Signing Date:
    Contract Date:
    2007-07-23 -- 2011-07-24
  • 60

    Bridge Zemun-Borca

    Project Location: Serbia 
    Client: EPC Project Financed by Export Credit (Buyer's Credit) 
    Total Length:1482m.
    The first bridge project  that Chinese Company was awarded in Central and Eastern Europe.
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