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    Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway Project, Kenya

    With the length of 472km, there are 33 stations along the line.
    The construction commenced on December 12th , 2014, will open to traffic on December 2017.
    Commenced in 2005 and completed in 2009.
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    Tank Fabrication and Installation

    20000 m³ Propylene, 30000m³ Ethylene, 50000m³ Ammonia Tank.  
    Technique: CB&I 
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    Millicent, Australia (ZLD)

    A 5-body, 4-effect system concentrates pulp waste liquor to 64% solids; then spray dry to powder by-produce.

    This plant allows future expansion to 6-body, 5-effect system 150m³/h waste liquor 8-10% solid.

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    No. C-5 &C-2 Sewage Treatment Plant in Shidongkou, Shanghai

    Biological treatment,1,400,000m³/d.

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    Abu Dhabi International Airport , U.A.E

    Steel structure engineering is mainly composed of the gallery and the central hall, the total amount of about 60,000 tons of steel structure. CSCEC wins terminal project of steel structure fabrication and installation, the central hall of quantities of about 45,000 tons. Roof adopts steel truss structure, the largest span of 180 meters, the main arch truss steel column for composite steel column.
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    CCSJS cooperates with the largest IDC operator in the Southeast Asia

    Built the largest IDC building in Indonesia. So far, its first phase has been completed.                                                                                                               
    First phase contract value is more than USD10 million.
    New mode: CCSJS provides turnkey services, and shakes hands with China Telecom to assist employers to carry out business operations. 
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    Universal Studios Singapore

    EPC Contractor
    Floor Area: 22 ha.
    Work Scope: Hollywood, New York Street, Dream World, Scientific Exploring City, Egypt City, Big Manmade Lake
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    Contract Date:
    2008-08-01 -- 2009-10-31
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    Shanghai International Shipping Center-Yangshan Deepwater Harbor Phase I-Phase IV

    Project description:18km of deepwater terminals.
    50 deepwater container berths.
    Annual throughput of 15 million TEU.
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    Three Gorges Hydroelectric Project Complex

    Project Location : China
    Project achievements : The largest hydropower complex in the world ,with maximum dam height of 181 meters and  total installed capacity of 22500MW.
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    ISDEMIR Coking plant

    Location: Turkey.
    Scope of Contract: Two 6.0 m Coke Oven Batteries; supply of fireproofing materials.
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