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JSG Business Activities with Ministry of Housing and National Housing Service Company for Housing projects

01 10 , 2018

On the morning of January 8, 2018, Dr. Wen Haiquan, JSG Chairman led a professional team to inspect the housing construction area of ​​the house building villa models. He arranged the members of the professional team and put forward requirements to meet the  highest quality standards of Chinese building, and the application of new processes, new technologies and new  materials should integrated into local living habits as far as possible.

At noon on January 9, 2018, Dr. Wen Haiquan,  Chairman of JSG and China Consortium, with his team visited the National Housing Service Company by invitation. Dr. Wen introduced the JSA Steel Light Concrete Assembly Buildings Technology System and the JSA EPC Module Concrete Assembly Building Technology System created by JSG for Saudi Ministry of Housing, which can achieve the goal of rapidity and high quality. It is the ideal solution for the Housing Project of Ministry of Housing of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Ministry of Housing’ Public Relations Department, the Technical Consulting Department and the head of the Finance Department attended the meeting.  Mr. BTI, Public Relations Manager, briefly introduced the basic situation of the project: the Saudi government plans to build 1.2 million residential houses for its citizens within ten years, and the first phase - 250,000 sets of residential houses within three years - of the project has already started with the relevant fund arriving at the housing company's financial account. They gave a high degree of recognition to JSG's technology solution, and assigned their technical consulting department to approve the technologies and sign the contract as soon as possible. Dr. Wen, on behalf of JSG and China Consortium, promised to undertake the task of building 100,000 units within three years. Afterwards, they visited the sample villa site of the Ministry of Housing.