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JSG Business Activities with WEC

01 07 , 2018

On the morning of January 7, 2018, at the invitation of CEO of Saudi Water & Electricity L.L.C., Mr. Eng.Khaled Bin Zwaid Alqurashi, the Chairman of JSG and China consortium, the Dr. Wen Haiquan, with his team, visited Saudi Water & Electricity L.L.C.(WEC).  A special report on the optimization of energy efficiency for Water and Electricity co-production was presented by Dr. Wen. Eng. Khaled Bin Zwaid Alqurashi warmly welcomed Dr. Wen and his team, and highly praised Dr. Wen for his in-depth research on Saudi water and electricity production technology and hoped for application of the aforementioned technology in JUBAIL 3 project, which would increase the energy efficiency benchmark of water and electricity production, improve the environment friendly and increase economic efficiency.