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JSG Saudi is an affiliate of JSG China and an international developer with extensive experiences in Energy, Petroleum, Desalination, manufacturing, real estate and Infrastructure. JSG Saudi operates and focus on financing and implementation as Consortium integrated with international independent auditors, famous consultants and engineering, China Top 30 EPC contractors and China Top 30 Manufacturers; O&M contractors and financial institutions (banks, securities, insurances and funds).

JSG Saudi through its consortium members carries out mega projects with state of the art technologies and at the same time coordinates comprehensive financing, through Chinese private and Government financial institutions, up to USD Billions for each project with a grace period reaches to 20 years.

The historical milestone of JSG and JSG China Consortium

  • 1991.06
    Nanjing Volt Battery Technology Co., Ltd.

    The company was found by Dr. Wen Haiquan, held by Dr. Wen Haiquan, Mr. Wu Shousong, Mr. Huang Rongqi and Mr. Zhang Jiquan. They were Top Secondary Energy Experts in China; focusing on the engineering of secondary energy plant, technical consulting service and new technology research; Many papers are published and many patents are rewarded; Annual income reached USD200,000; Enterprise market value.

  • 1996.07
    Nanjing Voltech Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    Expand to manufacturing of secondary energy- lead acid batteries, equipment; general trading, Built a battery plant, a battery equipment plant and a trading office; registered trade mark. Voltech.
    Many papers are published and many patents are rewarded; Annual income reached USD1,000,000; Enterprise market value. USD200, 000,000

  • 1999.09
    Nanjing Volt Technology Co., Ltd.

    A joint venture with Warwick Hong Kong has the right to import and to export. Major business is export to Middle East market, such as Iraq, Egypt, UAE, Iran. KSA.
    Many papers are published and many patents are rewarded. Annual income reached USD30,000,000; Enterprise market value USD200,000,000.
    Export RANK No. 4 in Nanjing city in 2000. And Customs Inspection exemption enterprise from 2000.

  • 2000.07
    Chongqing Volt Battery Co., Ltd.

    It is a joint venture with Warwick Hong Kong has the right to import and to export. Major international business is to export to Middle East market, such as Iraq, Egypt, UAE, Iran,KSA,local market, supply for JiaLing Motor, Jianshe Moto.
    Many papers are published and many patents are rewarded; Annual income reached USD3,000,000. Enterprise market value USD100,000,000.

  • 2001.02
    Tibet Helpon Power Co., Ltd.

    It is a joint venture with Shenzhen Energy (stock 000027), YueGaosu(000429) and Sichuan Textile registered capital USD20,000,000.
    It has the right to import and to export. Major business is local market and to export to Middle East market, such as Iraq, Egypt, UAE, Iran. KSA; Annual income reached USD30,000,000; Enterprise market value USD200,000,000.

  • 2001.07
    JSG-NIT TIAC Institute Co., Ltd.

    The company was found by Nanjing Voltech Enterprise Co., Ltd. combined with Jiangsu Shuangliang Group Co., Ltd.(www.shuangliang.com) and Nanjing Institute of Technology (www.njit.edu.cn/en), to focus on energy efficiency optimization of power generation, turbine inlet air cooling; heat chilled technology, solar energy, wind energy, tide energy, geographic energy, biomass energy, smart education, smart infrastructure, smart community, smart transportation; and urban planning, project management program; New building system and materials, modular housing, etc. Many papers are published and many patents are rewarded.
    Assigned Dr. Wen Haiquan to develop the KSA’s market to find solutions for improving of generation efficiency in summer and new building system.
    2002 – 2006, to set up the specifications of turbine inlet air cooling system for Saudi Electricity Company/SEC.
    2009, EPC contracting contract rewarded, No. 30721192/00 to install turbine inlet air cooling system for GE7001EA in Ar’Ar and Al Jouf power plants of Saudi Electricity Company; To utilize the exhaust flue gas of gas turbines to generate chilled water, the inlet air is chilled to 15 degree centigrade.
    2012, project delivery successfully, has recovered **** output in summer, called magic technology. Also patented in KSA, No. 515360031; Win trust, learned Saudi culture, familiar with project operation procedure and built communication system widely.
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  • 2014
    JSG Saudi China Consortium

    ased on experience in SEC, the heat chilled technology is widely used for SABIC hadeed furnace gas recovery, Modon Salwa, Jeddah2-3 and Rabigh project, MOHousing,…, the employers are welcome the technology, however the project model has changed, EPC is less and less. Many projects are BOT, BOO, BOOT, IPP, PPP, etc. So, the Saudi market has spawned the birth of a group company with finance and implementation and technology transferring and training of Saudization. JSG Saudi China Consortium was born.
    The first operation is with MODON industrial city project. Based on the excellent reputation in China and in Saudi Arabia, we successfully organized financiers’team assets up to USD 3 trillion included China Exim Bank, China National Development Bank, ICBC, China Communication Bank, China Minsheng Bank, etc. and top 30 EPC contractors, included China Machinery Engineering Corporation/CMEC, China Energy Engineering Corporation/CEEC, China Nuclear Construction Engineering Corporation, etc. These entities of companies and banks are willing to work together for Modon projects. We have held the express meeting in Beijing on 28 Aug. 2015. And USD 3b has allocated in July 2017. Know More

  • 2015
    JSG Saudi Company

    Registered in SAGIA in 2015. 9 to build the industry in manufacturing and energy saving and construction materials, expand to the services of electricity and water, . as a leader of JSG China consortium in Saudi Arabia to become the famous developer.
    And to supports Saudi business in China with governmental authorities and companies.

  • 2018
    JSG Power Saudi Company

    Registered and licensed on 22 January 2018 for the generation, transmission and distribution of the electricity, steam service, gas service and air conditioning supplying service. JSG POWER will execute Modon Rabigh Tri-generation Power Plant project in Modon Rabigh Industrial City, and will build utilities plant for Royal Commission Plaschem in Jubail Industrial city to provide the utilities service, such as supplying of electricity, water, chilled water, steam and compressed air, etc. Industrial treatment of zero liquid discharge; chemical storage and transportation, etc.

Sagia Licenses

Partial Patents



Ph.D., Doctor, MBA & B.SC.

2010-2012, Ph.D. at Transformation & Innovation Management of Inter-American University

1999-2002, MBA at Maastricht School of Management and Nanjing University

1983-1987 B.SC. at Physical Chemistry/electrichemisty of Amoy University

  • Working Experience
  • Main Professional achievements
  • Academic activities
  • Main publications
  • Award & honors
  • Membership
  • 2014 to Now, Chairman of JSG Saudi Company & China Consortium
  • 2012 to 2014 GM of Shanghai Youli Eco-energy Tech. Co., Ltd.
  • 2004 to Now, CEO of JSG-NIT TIAC Institute Co., Ltd.
  • 2001 to 2003, CEO of Tibet HELPON Power Source Co., Ltd.
  • 1999 to 2004,GM of Chongqing VOLT Battery Co., Ltd.
  • 1999 to now,GM of Nanjing VOLT Tech. Co., Ltd.
  • 1996 to 2004, GM of Nanjing VOLT Enterprise Co., Ltd.
  • 1991 to 1996,GM of Nanjing VOLT Battery Technology Co., Ltd.
  • 1990 to Now, Researcher of No. 60 Institute of General Headquarter of PLA
  • 1987 to 1990, Engineer of Nanjing Secondary Battery Factory
  • Have “know-how” about Smart meters and bill management system in KSA;
  • Have “know-how” about the efficiency optimization of transmission and distribution in KSA.
  • Have “know-how” on Power generation efficiency optimization in KSA
  • Have “know-how” about JSA building system in KSA
  • Have “know-how” about waste energy recovery in KSA
  • Have “know-how” about Pb-Xt alloy
  • Have “know how “ about a new synthesis method of Pyruvic acid
  • Invented heat-powered gas turbine inlet air cooling device, China patent number ZL 2013206572397; PCT/CN2014/000683.File No. 515360031 in KSA
  • Invented the Automatic Plate Cutting and Brushing Machine, Patent No.: ZL 002211645
  • Invented the Intelligent Charger, Patent No.: ZL 992300398
  • Invented the Electric Vehicle Design Thought, Patent No. ZL 993253482
  • Invented the new motorcycle battery, Patent No. ZL 922136637
  • Established a method and apparatus of determination of concentration and leveling ability of additivities in electroplating solution
  • Found a metallurgical method of grid alloys of ultra-low antimony, Patent No, ZL 901018465
  • Designed for an automobile MF Battery Factory of 100,000 units annual capacity and a motorcycle battery factory of 300,000 units annual capacity
  • Established a province-stated-owned lead battery measure center
  • Delegate of the 46th International Society of Electrochemistry, Xiamen, August, 27 to Sept. 01, 1995
  • Delegate of the 8th China National Electrochemistry Meeting, Xiamen, August 26 to 28, 1995
  • Delegate of CIBF’95, Beijing, June 5~9, 1995
  • Participated in the Seminars Organizing Committee during the China National Lead Battery Seminars, China, from 1988 to present
  • Academic visitor to Great British Battery(BIG), OLDHAM Industrial Batteries and COOKSON ENTEK Co. in United Kingdom from August to Sept. 1995
  • Invited speaker in the 4th Asian Battery Conference, Seoul, Sept. 1~4,1991
  • Invited speaker in the 2nd European Lead Battery Conference. Brussels, in 1990
  • Invited speaker in the 2nd Annual Meeting of Electroplating, Wuahn City, China, in 1988 Etc.
  • Wen, Haiquan, A study of Transformation & Upgrading of the Chinese Enterprises, 2013
  • Wen, Haiquan, A study of Electrochemical Properties of Sr-Pb Alloys, “J. Power Sources”, No.33, p.21~26, 1991
  • Wen, Haiquan, A study of Properties of Sr-Pb Grids Alloys, “J. Xiamen University”(natural edition) ,No. 28,p.605~607,****
  • Wen, Haiquan, Principle and Application of Oxygen Recombination for SLA Batteries, “ Chinese Batteryman Q.”, Noi.1, p19~21, 1991. etc
  • Wen, Haiquan, Role of Antimony Effect on Lead-acid Batteries, (English translations)), “Battery Dynamics Q.”, 4, p.4~6,****.WEN HAIQUAN, A Study of The Electric Bicycle Enterprises, 2012
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  • WEN HAIQUAN, Principle and Application of Oxygen Recombination for SLA Batteries, “ Chinese Batteryman Q.”, 1(1991)19~21
  • WEN HAIQUAN, Strontium-Lead Alloy Grids, “Chinese Batteryman Q.”, 4(****)8~10
  • WEN, HAIQUAN, Determination of Concentration and leveling ability of Additivities in Electroplating Solution, “Modern Electroplating Bimonthly”, 6(1988)17~19 Etc.
  • A member of China-Arab Business Council
  • The image ambassador of Nanjing City
  • Youth Scientist Thesis Medal, China Electronically Industrial Society ,
  • Youth Design Medal, Nanjing City Government in 1992
  • 1994 to present, China International Association of Power Sources(CIAPS), Tianjing, China
  • 1988 to present, China Lead Battery Society, Shengyang, China
  • 1999 to present, Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC), USA